Meet Lisa Priebe

Hi, I'm Lisa, a personal trainer and health coach based in McLean, Virginia who partners with individuals in fun, thought-provoking ways to shed what is holding them back and maximize their personal potential.

I help busy men and women, to find the time to be active and fuel better, so they can have more energy and feel in charge of their wellness, to stress less and enjoy their success.

Additionally, I support people in each decade of life to improve their health, so they can increase movement quality, elevate their confidence and live with joy.

Additional Certifications

  • NBC Health Wellness Coach
  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • ACE Health Coach
  • NCHES Health Education Specialist
  • TRX Certified
  • Yoga Teachers College Yoga Trapeze Certified


  • Marymount University MS Health Education and Promotion with an emphasis in Exercise

Areas of expertise

Martial arts, strength training, rehab, mobility, weight loss, new to fitness, weightlifting, pilates, yoga, running 


The path isn't always clear and I'm here to help.  I'll personally get you in the best shape of your life.  Don't struggle on your own.  Get lasting results you never thought possible with expert coaching and accountability from Lisa Priebe, the Motiv8d Trainer.


Health Transformation Coaching

*From $250/mos

Increase energy, unleash potential and gain strength through focused programming and supportive coaching for habit-based transformation.  Maintain success and manage stress with motivation that pulls you forward.  Health Transformation Coaching includes fitness training, health coaching and nutrition all in one inclusive service to get the lasting results you never thought possible.


Nutrition Coaching

*From $150/mos

You've probably tried other all-or-nothing dieting approaches, we will use a sustainable, practice-based approach to build healthy habits into your life, one day at a time. You’ll lose weight (and inches) and gain more energy while learning the skills and systems maintain for a life-time. Find new confidence in your body and make living healthy a habit while focusing on the small practices that lead to big changes. Receive the support, guidance and accountability every step of the way no matter what life throws at you.  


Fitness Coaching

*From $100/mos

Using best practices and creative program design is the Motiv8d Trainer’s specialty.  Build strength, lose weight and gain energy.  Tell me your goals and I’ll get you there with premium coaching and accountability.  To get fit you’ll need to be consistent.  To be consistent, you’ll need help.